So, do you like what you see? If this sounds like something you've been looking for, here is how you can meet us:

  • Contact the President or the Membership Coordinator (see Meet the Board page) with any questions. 
  • Visit the playgroup at St. Mark's United Church of Christ during a regular playtime and meet some new friends (see Events page). 
  • Fill out a visitor form at the church so we can contact you about any schedule changes. During this visit you will receive an information pamphlet, newsletter, and calendar for the current month. You will also be mailed a newsletter/calendar for the following month.
  • Starting with your first visit at the church, take up to a month to participate in any playgroup activity or function and get to know us better. 
  • If you like what you see and do, then become our newest member! Contact the President or Membership Coordinator for details. Our membership form is also available online in .pdf format to print.  Click here to download.

We Look Forward to Meeting You!

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Annual Membership - School Aged Only Family

Annual Membership - School Aged Only Family $10.00

Annual Membership Dues - Babies - Preschool

Annual Membership Dues - Babies - Preschool $20.00